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About Us

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Longford Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the county’s business representative organisation. It is a company limited by guarantee and owned by its members, who pay an annual membership subscription fee.

We work towards creating a better environment for business by lobbying the Local Authority on key policy issues affecting businesses and the business community.

Longford Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to stimulate and facilitate the growth and development of its members and to enable the business network to effectively promote the long-term development of their locality on behalf of their members. It promotes enterprise by encouraging foreign trade and by fostering development at local level, whenever possible. They promote Longford as a location for trade, shopping and tourism.Longford Chamber of Commerce can facilitate new businesses to settle into the town by offering liaisons with local families who have recently settled in the county and meet other local businesses.

Longford Chamber of Commerce has a proud history stretching over 65 years. It was founded in 1948, as Longford Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ltd. to try to attract much needed inward investment to Longford. Distinguished past Presidents include Martin Timlin and former Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds. In recent years the  economic crash has seen Longford Chamber concentrate on measures to counteract the downturn. These include a hugely successful Expo held in the vacant Longford Shopping Centre which saw 120 Longford companies exhibiting over 2 days and garnered national TV coverage. Longford Chamber also secured the first overnight stage of the RAS for Longford which provided a welcome boost to the local economy.

We continue to lobby at local and national level on issues which affect local businesses and recently conducted a survey among our members which determined that the two main issues effecting trade were parking charges and rates. The changes subsequently introduced have been welcomed and it is hoped these concessions can be further enhanced. Rates have been reduced by 3% and further incentives are to be introduced to start-up businesses in the coming months.

We can only do these and many other activities with the support of the Longford Business Community. Currently there are several business groups in Longford with the same aims and objectives.It is our firm belief that presenting a united rather than a fragmented approach to promoting and sustaining trade, business and employment will pay dividends. There has been much coverage recently on the need for people to come together to promote Longford and secure a future for our young people. Let’s help make that dream a reality by ensuring that there is a vibrant business community to help support those who wish to live,work,and stay in Longford.

Longford Chamber of Commerce is a long established ,non-political, respected and recognised global brand. Affiliation to and association with this brand is a vital element in securing investment in Longfords’  future. We urge all Longford businesses to continue to support Longford Chamber and for those who have yet to join, please do so now. Together we are stronger .